medical insurance

Medical insurance refers to social medical insurance. It is a social insurance system for the basic medical needs of the state and society in accordance with laws and regulations when workers are sick.
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Why choose life insurance?

  • Ten thousand yuan promise

    Insurance limit up to HK$10 million

  • The minimum annual premium

    Insurance limit up to HK$10 million

  • Escort you

    Insurance limit up to HK$10 million

Guarantee item


Death compensation
Insurance limit 100%
Stage equity
01. Marriage of the insured can increase the insurance limit;
02. The insurance limit can be increased for the birth of the insured’s biological children;

Insured age

18-65 years old

Guarantee period

1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years

Insurance limit

HK$ 50,000-HK$10,000,000